Hydrophilic cosmetic contact lenses

for prostheses and special effects

About us

La Contact Color s.r.l. (Roma – Italia), leader in the production of hydrophilic cosmetic contact lenses for prostheses and special effects (cinema-theatre-TV).

Contact Color contact lenses are the result of years of experimental research in our laboratories along with specific application tests carried out in a number of highly specialized contact lens centres.

To sum up, the end result of this long and painstaking undertaking is our vast range of in-house produced cosmetic contact lenses. These lenses are scientifically and artistically unique and are the only ones of their kind able to satisfy the sometimes complex needs of many patients.

The lenses

Contact Color lenses are entirely hand-painted using rigorously non-toxic pigments that are implanted in the hydrophilic material with a sandwich system through a pre-polymerization process. With this particular technique, colour retention longevity is guaranteed because the pigment does not come into direct contact with the corneal and tarsal surfaces and therefore does not undergo any changes induced by the lachrymal film (protein deposits). In the same way it also cannot cause irritation or abrasions to the front of the eye.