The company

Contact Color s.r.l. (Rome - Italy), leader in the production of hydrophilic cosmetic contact lenses for prostheses and special effects (cinema-theatre-TV) has had its UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI CEI EN 46001 quality certification since 1998 as required and regulated by Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC which establishes contact lenses as a made-to-measure medical device.

The quality certification issued to the company by CSQ, the CE brand certificate issued by IMQ (Italian Quality Mark Institute) and the 510K issued by the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration - USA) are intended to be a guarantee, not just in terms of European standards but above all for the consumer in terms of service, technical expertise, state-of-the-art operating facilities, checks and inspection of planning, the entire production process and consistency of quality.

Ultimately, certifications are also a guarantee in providing a tailor-made process, such as the creation of a contact lens in general and, in particular, the creation of an entirely hand-painted hydrophilic or rigid prosthetic contact lens.

Contact Color contact lenses are the result of years of experimental research in our laboratories along with specific application tests carried out in a number of highly specialized contact lens centres.

To sum up, the end result of this long and painstaking undertaking is our vast range of in-house produced cosmetic contact lenses. These lenses are scientifically and artistically unique and they are the only ones of their kind able to satisfy the sometimes complex needs of many patients.

However, the positive result of applying general contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses in particular is ensured not only by the high technological content of the product and by the specific knowledge of the contact lens specialist, but also by an adequate amount of information given to the patient about the use and proper maintenance of them over time.

In order to achieve this we recommend that you read and carefully apply what is written in the attached technical instruction sheets.